Domed Roof Outlet Grating

Domed Roof Outlet Grating is designed with a removable push fit high domed grating to prevent blockage and it is made with high quality uPVC material with Ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers. This grating is offered with all the inherent advantage of plastics, strength, lightness and resistance to impact and corrosion. The grating is strong enough to withstand normal foot traffic force. It is suitable to install in the reinforcement concrete roof and scupper drain or metal gutter.

The high domed grating is also to prevent the uPVC rainwater downpipe from getting burst or deform in shape, as a result of great suction force (vacuum inside the pipe) if the mount of the downpipe (outlet) is blocked and close sealed during heavy rainfall.

NEVER use a flat grating or without grating for the uPVC rainwater downpipe system.


Balcony Drainage Outlet

Balcony Drainage Outlet is designed with a vertical inlet grating to prevent blockage and it comes with a internal build-in funnel to prevent the rainwater gushing out from the upper floor. It is highly recommended to be used in multi storey apartments and low cost flats in typical floor’s balconies and it is also suitable for corridor and car park areas whereby the rainwater downpipe are exposed installation. With this special fitting design, the rainwater downpipe can discharge water in a single pipe system and it is neat in appearance.

Product Patented : PI9503714 (Malaysia)


Access Pipe

Access pipe is to provide a big twist lock access door for cleaning and maintenance purpose. The diameter of the access door is designed as the same size with the downpipe or Ø200mm diameter for 250mm and 315mm sizes of fittings, so that it is easily accessible to any part of the downpipe. It is recommended to install this fitting at the vertical downpipe where offset to horizontal runner pipe just after the Bend and also at the downpipe before it is connected to the underground drainage pipe (just above the ground floor level).


91 Bend With Spigot End

Specially designed Bend with one spigot end (R460) for horizontal rainwater pipe to run very close to the concrete floor slab (soft-fit). It is just solvent welded directly into the Pipe Sleeve which casted into the slab. With this way of installation, it give a higher head clearance and also neat in appearance.

Offset Bend

Bend with one spigot end (R460/462/464) can directly be welded through solvent cement into the socket of the other bend (R461/463/465). It will minimize the distance of for centre to centre narrow offset.


uPVC Pipe Sleeve

The Pipe Sleeve is designed with many external ribs to prevent water from leaking and seepage along the external smooth surface of the uPVC pipe when inserting it into the concrete floor slab. It is suitable to use for uPVC Rainwater Downpipe System and also for Soil, Waste & Vent System. The complete sizes are ranging from 32mm to 315mm, they are made to comply with BS5255; BS4514; BS4576 and also for ISO3633.

Product Patented

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