Balcony Horizontal Outlet Grating

In any multi-stories building such as : hotel, condominium, apartments and flats normally use to have a balcony or an open places like corridors, service yard and also in the multi-level car park the uPVC rainwater downpipes are used to traverse between each floor. There is an access hole (traditionally) with a flat grating provided in the concrete floors for discharging rainwater or wastewater. Each of these access holes is connected to an adjacent uPVC downpipe through interconnecting pipework and associated fittings below the concrete floor (see figure A). These pipework and fittings are considered unsightly and ugly to the Architect and some homeowners.

This product is to overcome the above-mentioned problems (See figure B). This new invention product is supplied with a complete accessories like : Square sleeve body, grating panel, slotted grating, plug-off and blind grating. This grating is neat and easy to install at the construction site and further more this is a new introduction to ensure no blockage in the cavities of the pipework and fittings during construction.

Fig. A

Fig. B

Traditionally pipework for balcony
outlet Connection
Use '' Balcony Horizontal Outlet Grating Connection


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